Hot Udon Noodle Bowl

Our initial lunch plans for that day were to buy a few Subway foot longs with avocado, take them up on their free cookie offer and hang out at Starbucks but Holly had other ideas. I wasn’t too sure of this culinary shock to my system. The last Japanese meal I had was in Long Beach. It was delicious and quite memorable. Could I expect the same from Orange County? A place where cuisine is as plastic as its people. I trusted my sage friends advice (via text nonetheless) but her Yelp review was what really convinced.  This year has been full of adventures for me; might as well add one more.

Fukada is located in a small Irvine strip mall. This tiny hot spot fills up fast and we were wait listed for a short while before taking a seat at the bar. The lunch combo for $8.95 is the perfect deal. You can choose from hot or cold udon or soba noodles with a choice of either tanaki or sansai toppings. Your noodles also come with a rice bowl. I chose the hot udon with the tanaki (fried tempura flakes) and the veggie curry don.

I’m not effective with chopsticks so they indulged me with a fork and spoon. I was amazed by my lunch. The hot udon soup tasted fresh. I didn’t care much for the tanaki. It turned mushy in the soup. Next time, I’ll opt for the sansai. The curry don was probably the best I’ve tasted. Overall, it was a very light refreshing healthy lunch that left me satisfied but not full.  This lunch was also shared with Albert.

Veggie Curry Don

Fukada on Urbanspoon

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