Grill 'Em All - Food with Attitude

Grill ‘Em All – Food with Attitude

Past the crowds and the smoke screen caused by the fried fair goodness stood the Grill ‘Em All Truck. This Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired food truck is based out of L.A., packed with attitude, an adventurous and challenging menu, and most importantly they were recently crowned winners of The Great Food Truck Race. It was a win/win combo and hard to ignore.

Upon arrival, we were faced with a long line and a closed sign. Their whereabouts were a mystery but fortunately for us, doors opened soon and we would soon taste this wondrous food and learn for ourselves why they placed first on The Great Food Truck Race. And now what to order? Warning: bring your appetite to this truck and an open mind. The menu is crafty and inspired by hard rock music. We spied the Behemoth burger and the H-100 tots and prepared our stomachs and mouths for the feast.

The Behemoth burger is best described as a burger with grilled cheese buns (that’s a grilled sandwich on the top and bottom!), BBQ sauce, pickles, cheddar cheese, beer soaked onions, and bacon. Didn’t I tell you to prepare yourself? I was wondering how I would eat this burger and if I’d be able to eat it all. However, my pal Albert and I decided to split one and I’m so glad we did!

The Behemoth is one of those bucket list items. Once you’ve eaten it, you’re good for life. I don’t know if I could crave this burger again. Don’t get me wrong though. I loved this burger. However making a habit out this burger would kill me. Grill ‘Em All menu items aren’t to be taken lightly and obviously you don’t come here expecting to eat healthy. You come here to live dangerously and give your body a shock.  That being said you only live once so take a risk.

We paired this burger with the H-100 tots. These tots are hand-rolled with cheddar and jack cheese and come with a variety of sauces. They are arguably the best tots I’ve had. I loved that the cheese flavor wasn’t overwhelming.  If you want the perfect experience, I suggest adding a beer to these menu items.

Overall, this was a wonderful burger experience. It won’t be one I’ll likely to repeat unless it’s for those tots and perhaps another burger off their menu but if you’re up for an adventure or an awesome burger you’ll never forget, track this truck down in L.A. and see for yourself.

Photos by Albert Evangelista

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