The Greasy Wiener is the "Bomb"

The Greasy Wiener is the “Bomb”

The Bomb

The Greasy Wiener draws your attention – the name, the bold red and yellow colors, and the menu. It’s naughty, it’s sinful, and wonderfully greasy and oh so tempting. However, the food was something I wasn’t quite prepared for yet. As I gently slide out of my vegetarian phase, hot dogs and sliders aren’t exactly what I want to tackle but this L.A. food truck had me intrigued. Last Thursday, I came face to face with my meat demon. I was initially invited to judge the OC Fair’s deep fried dessert offerings however a last minute change in schedule had me tasting me hot dogs. I couldn’t remember the last time I had had a hot dog but the challenge intrigued me – Pinks of Hollywood vs The Greasy Wiener.  Do I dare? I’m a firm believer of everything happening for a reason. I was supposed to try a hot dog today and damnit, I was going to like it!

If you’re thinking these hot dogs are something you make at home, you’re sorely mistaken. What I love about food truck culture is the real honesty and love behind the food. I embraced the world of hot dogs with a bit of pure bacon wrapped goodness, mustard, chili, onions, and cheese topped with dill pickle spear. This hot dog itself is fried which gives it a “snap.” You have to really bite down to appreciate the snap and savor the flavor. The name of this delicacy? The Bomb. And you know what else I love about food truck culture? The Bomb was named by the Greasy Wiener fans.

After wandering the fair for a bit, my friend Albert and I couldn’t get our minds off the Bomb and wanted to try something

Bacon Bleu Igg's

else so we found the Greasy Wiener and shared an order of the Bacon Bleu Igg’s. We sat in radio silence for a few seconds while we devoured these scrumptious bites meanwhile kicking ourselves for not getting a double order. Paired perfectly with a cold beer, these two Angus beef sliders on King’s Hawaiian bread come topped with grilled onions, bleu cheese, bacon, and their “secret sauce.”  The angus beef is perfectly seasoned and the meat is cooked just right. The harmony of flavors is just magical. Lost in a sea of hot dog and bleu cheese iggy bliss, we ran into some friends and shared an order buffalo bleus – this is a combo of fries topped with wing sauce and bleu cheese crumbles.

It’s safe to say we could have devoured the whole truck and the Greasy Wiener now has a few more fans and if you would be too if you knew how truly delicious this food was.

Photographs taken by Albert Evangelista.

Buffalo Bleus


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