Peet's Coffee & the Bon Epi Strawberry Croissant

Peet’s Coffee & the Bon Epi Strawberry Croissant

I’m a self proclaimed coffee snob. Caffeine is the driving force in my life. A must have in the morning and only a good cup will do. I was thrilled when selected by the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program to receive two bags of Peet’s latest coffee and a tumbler.

In my sample pack, I received Cafe Domingo and Cafe Solano. It was difficult to decide which one I was going to start with first since I didn’t want to open them both..just yet. Last night, a friend brought over a Bon Epi strawberry croissant for me. It’s Diwali and I was in the mood for a fabulous dessert. This hit the spot and needed a good hot drink to be paired with. I chose the “lively and aromatic” Cafe Solano to go along with my pastry. This coffee is a blend of African, Indo-Pacific and South American coffees. The aroma of ground beans was heavenly however in my Keurig you don’t quite get the full bodied scent wafting through your house. I will have to fix that one day and get an actual coffee maker but for now, it will suffice and did produce a full bodied cup of coffee for my senses.

I had two cups that night with my out of the world pastry from Bon Epi. The coffee is rich yet light. I didn’t get that acidic after taste that I get with most coffees which tells me the coffee from Peet’s is unlike the ordinary stuff. The pastry paired up perfectly. Bon Epi’s strawberry croissant is pure decadence. The croissant is layered with custard and fresh strawberries. I was overwhelmed and barely finished it all. Good thing I had two cups of fabulous coffee to wash it all down.

Disclosure: I received the Peet’s Coffee sample pack as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. All product opinions expressed are my own.

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