The Donuttery

The Donuttery

Another late night donut run? Sure. Why not? Last week, I was at M&M Donuts in Anaheim at what I thought was the OC hot spot for blueberry donuts however I was quickly informed that the title now belonged to The Donuttery in Huntington Beach.

This hole in the wall isn’t dressed up to suggest that it would be a fabulous place for donuts but neither does M&M Donuts as a small unassuming shop in the middle of a parking lot. I’m not sure what a donut shop is supposed to look like but what really counts is on the inside. The cliche “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies here. As long as the donut you get looks and tastes nothing like its buildings exterior then it really doesn’t matter what these establishments look like.

My friend and I approached the counter fully intending to order nothing but the blueberry donuts however we were faced with an abundant amount of offerings and while waiting we sampled their latest batch and were floored by the apple cinnamon. Forget all thought of blueberries. I had to have another bite of that apple cinnamon and the young maiden behind the counter filled our coffers with the blueberry donuts we requested (you can get them plain or iced), the apple cinnamon, and a fresh order of their red velvet.

I agree with the masses. The blueberry donut at The Donuttery reigns supreme. It can’t beat the freshness you get at M&M however it tastes less like a muffin and more like an actual donut. Try it iced and it’s even better. The icing doesn’t overwhelm the already sweet blueberry donut and since it’s not fried crisp it is incredibly moist.

The real winner and my personal favorite was the apple cinnamon. Topped with crumbled bits of cinnamon and apple and filled with fresh apples and a gentle lace of cinnamon you would think it would be sweet however it’s just the right blend of ingredients. The mix works incredibly well. Almost like a bread but remaining true to donut form and taste. I was taken aback.

The last hit of the night were the incredibly fresh red velvet donuts. Moist, delicious and rich in flavor no doubt but they really could have used a cream cheese frosting. I was missing that. I could only have a few bites after that incredible sugar adventure.

In conclusion, there really is no winner. They each have their specialties. If you want a fresh donut, wait in line at M&M because The Donuttery only fries at midnight. If you still want the same incredible taste without waiting in line, make the trek to Huntington Beach. The customer service is great here. You’re treated like family as soon as you walk in. We didn’t feel like strangers in a donut shop and they will have raving crazy donut fans for life.

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