Seabirds Truck - SoCo Farmers' Market Farm to Food Truck Challenge II

Seabirds Truck – SoCo Farmers’ Market Farm to Food Truck Challenge II

Saturday November 19th, I had the honor of participating in the 2nd Farm to Food Truck Challenge hosted by the SoCo Farmers’ Market. Clouds lingered above on the cool crisp day threatening rain at a moment’s notice yet the crowd didn’t seem to mind. There was a healthy robust presence at the market and fans cheered on their favorite OC/LA trucks. I watched enviously as the judges took their seats and sampled the gourmet fare prepared by the food trucks.

While I wasn’t a judge this year, I did have the pleasure of chasing the Seabirds truck throughout the market, getting a behind the scenes interview of their concept dish, and watching them in action. This truck runs vegan and is the only truck to tackle a unique healthy approach in Orange County. They were recent contenders on Food Network’s Great Food Truck race and are publishing a recipe book soon. It’s safe to say the Seabirds truck knows what they’re doing and are here to battle it out and stand apart from the rest of the trucks.  Their fun use of organic ingredients will leave you satisfied but not full. I have tracked them down at various sites: the Lake Forest bowling alley, the farmers’ market at the Great Park in Irvine, etc and enjoy their avocado beer battered tacos and the Florentine breakfast burrito. They make me wish I could enjoy being healthy and live this fresh and clean. I’m sure you would be convinced too if you had a taste of their menu offerings.

In this “Chopped” style competition, food truck chefs were asked to craft a dish using brussel sprouts, beets, leeks, Arkansas black apples, and almond butter. The Seabirds Trucks prepared a rustic sourdough crostini topped with almond pate, baby arugula and beet green salad, grilled brussel leeks, and julienned arkansas black apples garnished with a beet chip and pomegranate black apple molasses. The dish placed 2nd place while the Slapfish Truck took 1st place with their “Flight of Seafood”: a lobster doughnut with apple & leek, seared scallop with almond butter & brussel leaf salad, and Black Cod with a beet & carrot slaw. Now can you see why I wanted to be a judge instead? Next time, perhaps. :)

The other competitors in the challenge were the Home Skillet Truck, Piaggio on Wheels, The Flip Truck, and Taco Maria (placing 3rd). See below for a video of the Seabirds Truck talking about their concept dish. If you can’t get it to play, follow this link. Photos are courtesy of my iPhone and Albert Evangelista.


At the Farm to Food Truck challenge with Stephanie from the Seabirds Truck

The 2nd place dish by the Seabirds Truck

Seabirds Mobile Truck on Urbanspoon