Episode 11: New Bruxie Location in Huntington Beach

Episode 11: New Bruxie Location in Huntington Beach

I can clearly recall my first experience with Bruxie waffles. Ironically, it was during a hunt for the best cupcakes in Orange County. While on the mission, my friend Theresa and I spotted sign while devouring a moist cupcake. At that time, Bruxie only had one location – it was in Orange. Who knew back then they’d expand and turn into a mini chain all over Orange County?

This morning, they opened their 5th location in Huntington Beach located off The Strand. It is also their first streetside cafe with a window that will serve custard, fresh Peet’s Coffee, and breakfast. What’s not to love? I had an opportunity to take a hard hat tour during the initial stages of construction and then had a chance to check out all the Bruxie goodness before the public opening.  I’m excited to have a Bruxie location about 10-15 minutes away from my house. Yay!

During last night tasting, I found a new love and appreciation for their smoked salmon lox with dill cream cheese. While savoring each bite, all I could think was “refreshing.” The thinly sliced cucumbers along with a hint of chives are what give this waffle sandwich the extra advantage and even though I’m not a fish person; I found myself wanting another bite.  My true favorite will always be the green eggs and ham. Sounds a little off putting but trust me, if you love eggs, breakfast, or ham – you’re in for a treat. This sandwich is a combination of grilled ham, Tillamook Cheddar, egg, mayo & arugula pesto. Mmm.

But that’s enough words for now, check out the podcast below featuring Minerva Thai, Daniele Holmberg, and Tom Holmberg as we share our thoughts about Bruxie, what is custard, and other fun facts (click on the photo to listen).


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