Seventh Tea Bar debuts the Steampunk

Seventh Tea Bar debuts the Steampunk

Tea and technology. These are a few of my favorite things.

I first visited Seventh Tea Bar in its raw stages. It was a brand new concept by the folks who currently brew my favorite cup of coffee in Orange County – Portola Coffee Lab. Now they’re making magic happen with tea and slowly winning my heart over for good. When I think tea, I think of my Dad and the love, care, and devotion he puts into making his masala chai tea. I go home just so that I can get my fill. Personally, I could never recreate it. The secret ingredient is the time and patience that I just don’t have and sadly, it’s also something that’s missing from most coffee shops I’ve visited. You can’t give me hot water with a tea bag and expect me to like it. It’ll do for now but it’s not the tea culture I’m grown accustomed too but then came Seventh Tea Bar and the careful precision of Jeff Duggan. Orange County finally had a tea shop that’s worthy of praise. I’m in tea heaven.

Or I thought I was. Last week, I was invited for yet another new concept. What could this possibly be? It’s unlike anything I’ve seen and it’s the Alpha Dominche Steampunk 4.0. Sounds like a heavy metal band but it’s really just a high tech tea brewing system that makes a mean cup of tea. The Steampunk will brew your cup of tea unlike anything you’ve seen or tasted before. I thought I was impressed before with their careful brewing methods but the Steampunk will basically rush hot water into loose leaf tea, open them up, filter them back down and turn them into liquid gold or as they politely told me “liquor” and into a porcelain cup for my enjoyment. All I could say was “ahh” as I savored my new favorite tea – yunnan gold tips.

A little spy told me that the Steampunk would also be making its way into the Portola Coffee Lab so if you like your coffee the old fashioned way or via the pour over method, you will love it from the Steampunk. All I know, I just can’t wait. With tea and coffee this good and in my backyard, it’s a surprise I’m not here more often.

Check out a video of how the Steampunk operates.

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