Secret Menu Tasting at Mesa

Secret Menu Tasting at Mesa

I only get a few opportunities nowadays to enjoy a nice night out and I relish every single one of them.

When I received the invite to try a “secret menu,” I jumped at the chance. Secret menu at a hip, cool trendy bar in Costa Mesa? Count me in. I love a good secret. Especially one that I can share.

If you’ve never been, Mesa is located at The Camp – kinda hidden and tucked away behind a Chevron but trust me aside from that you’ll love it once you’re indoors. It’s everything that it aspires to be. Moody, edgy, and classy with a great bar, live music, and a great local scene and on a nice night, they’ll open up the retractable roof and then the fun really begins.

We took seats near the fire place and waited for chef Ernesto to entice us for the night. From what I know, the menu isn’t printed or available online anywhere, it’s “drawn” into a little black book and continues to evolve and change. Ask for the black book, whisper a phrase, do what you need to do to make it yours. You can even scribble a doodle, maybe it’ll inspire a recipe. Who knows? But enough words for now. Onto the menu…

We started the evening with Cast Iron Skillet Mussels from Prince Edward Islands. The mussels were prepared with sea salt, cracked pepper, butter and lemon.

Smoked Chorizo Meatballs: The Meatballs are made using the housemade chorizo, tomato passata, and aged parmesan cheese.

Beef tartar: The Tartar is made with Angus Prime Tenderlion, White Truffle Oil, Caper Remoulade, Garlic, and a Quail’s Egg

The Pork Chop is grilled with the new addition of Hickory Smoked Bacon Bits, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and a housemade Apple Marmalade.

Top Sirloin Steak Frites: The steak is grilled with the addition of Chili Butter and served with Shoestring Potato Fries

Dessert: Vanilla Maple Bacon, Organic Blackberry Sage, and Espresso Chipotle Stout made with Chipotle Coffee Stout style beer.

Seuss Doctor made with Gin, Muddled Raspberries, Luxardo Cherry Syrup, Cocchi Americano, lemon juice and Bitters

If you’re local or looking for a new spot to hang out, don’t miss Mesa’s secret menu offerings. And until next time, veni, vidi, edi.

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