SeaLegs Wine Bar: Menu Tasting

SeaLegs Wine Bar: Menu Tasting

The first time I visited SeaLegs Wine Bar was to celebrate five years of being Yelp Elite. I had finally earned the coveted gold badge and our community manager, Ryan, treated us for a night of luxury with wine and tapas. I was immediately impressed upon entering and enjoyed my night. I couldn’t wait to return and fortunately, I was given the opportunity to try a pairing menu putting together by executive chef Alexander Dale and owners Alicia Whitney and Lisa Nonemaker.

Since it was wine Wednesday, the place was packed and we were comfortably seated and ready to begin round one with an Olelo chardonnay from Paso Robles served with an heirloom caprese and lump crab cakes. Sadly, my iPhone didn’t capture great pictures of this dish due to lighting but the refreshing starters got us into gear for round two which featured my favorites from the Yelp elite event – the bruchetta and the Pig and Fig flatbread.

When I first tasted the bruchetta, I instantly declared it the best I had tasted. People at my table agreed. I think the baguette makes it since it soaks up all the flavor from the bruchetta mix on top. Mmm.

If you were to ask what my favorite round was for the night, I’d have to pick round three. Even though, I love the bruchetta, the Monte Cristo had me as soon as it arrived at our table. At first glance, I thought it was almost like a French toast given the powdered sugar on top but it’s actually housemade brioche deep fried with north country ham, melted brie, mustard aioli, and served with a berry coulis. The berry coulis combined with the smoky savory flavors of the Monte Cristo made for a great sweet/salty combo and as I was savoring each bite, the charred filet medallions arrived. My dinner date suggested I swirl my cabernet franc with each bite and boy was she right. The meat flavors were intensified and I couldn’t possibly imagine eating another bite but you’re not a really food fanatic if you give in that easily.

We spent the rest of the evening happily noshing away on the signature house stinky fries. What makes them stinky? Well, it’s probably the combo of Parmesan, garlic, and truffle oil in a three-cheese fondue. However, despite being “stinky,” they are damn good and hard to put down after one bite.

The lovely evening ended with a tiramisu for two. Each lovely layer was expertly crafted and served in a wine glass (how fitting) and we took our time devouring each bite as we caught up on the week’s events. Located in the quaint town of Huntington Beach, SeaLegs is a great gem and a perfect way to end a work week, go out for a date night, or celebrate a special occasion. There’s something here for everyone. Veni, vidi, edi.

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