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Meet New Friends on Zoom

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Everyone in the world is welcome! Come meet some new friends on Zoom! We don't have many rules but the goal is to be a positive place and we try to avoid negativity and subjects that are controversial or triggering. This will be a joint event with all of the International Friend Connection family of Meetups. Space is limited to 100 people so be sure to come on time!

Everyone will be in the same room for the first 10 minutes of the event. After that, we will split up into random breakout rooms for 10 minutes at a time so you can meet as many people as possible. This will continue for about an hour until the end of the event.

Be sure to come on time as space is limited to 100 people.

All events are governed by the official Meetup conduct policy:


  1. Be kind and respectful

  2. You must have your camera on for the entire meeting.

  3. You must have a FREE Zoom account to participate. Sign up at:

Watch this video for instructions on how to sign up for Zoom.

  1. As per Meetup policy, you are only allowed to send a private message to someone if they have given you explicit permission to contact them. This is not a place to hit on people or try to pick them up.

Meetup groups can cost quite a bit to run so please help us pay our group expenses by donating at:

If you live in the USA:

If you live outside of the USA or have a PayPal account:

For those without a PayPal Account:

Every little bit helps and it keeps the group free for everyone!

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