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[Online] Find a Friend in Boston - Networking event

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[Online] Find a Friend in Boston - Networking event


This is an online networking event to make new friends with whom you can pursue your hobby or passion by collaborating once you get to know each other.

NOTE: You are welcome to join the club anytime by following step by step instructions below, this event is just a reminder and this is NOT a Zoom meeting as not everybody is comfortable on video.

Find a buddy in Boston Friends Club in 3 steps:
STEP 1: Login to Xeeders, Join Boston Club and introduce yourself and mention what you are looking for:

• Looking for a friend in Boston to chat online
• Looking for a friend in Boston to Hangout
• Looking for Travel Buddy in Boston for a Road Trip/Trekking/Weekend Getaway
• Looking for a Buddy to Play Badminton this Weekend in Boston
• Looking for a Buddy to Watch Movie in Boston
• Looking for a Walking/Jogging Buddy in Boston
• Looking for a Workout Buddy in Boston
• Looking for an Artist/Singer/Musician/Actor to make a short movie in Boston etc.,

STEP 2: Update your profile with your location and interests. NOTE: providing accurate information will help Xeeders AI algorithm in connecting you to right people.

That's it Xeeders AI algorithm will connect you to right people in Boston based on your interests and request. You can also respond to others looking for friends in the club.

STEP 3: Install Mobile app from below links to instantly chat with connected people.
o Andriod App -
o iOS App -

P.S. Our members and moderators are committed to build a friendly community. Anybody found disrespecting others or spreading negativity, hate speech or spamming will be blocked without warning.

Also, This app is not meant for dating and any misconduct will not be entertained.

How it works:

Location visible to members
Link visible for attendees