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Saunter Stretch #1

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Saunter Stretch #1


Walk the iconic, 32-mile Great Saunter around Manhattan Island over the course of 3 weekends. For Stretch #1, we walk 12 miles, 4.5 hours, from the tip of Manhattan up the Hudson River to 145th Street. Come join us for all or part of the walk - drop out points all along the way.

We start at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and head north along the Hudson River through Battery Park into Hudson River Park for our first rest stop at Chelsea Piers (4 Mi). We’ll continue through Hudson River Park into Riverside Park South. Plan to have lunch around 1:30 in Riverside Park at 70th Street (7 Mi). Pack a lunch, restrooms are available.

Continue on the Riverside Park path along Cherry Walk (100-125th) to Riverbank State Park at 138th Street. Walk ends at Broadway & 145th where you’ll find the 1 train.

The full Great Saunter will be Saturday, May 7, 2022, information at Great Saunter - Shorewalkers.

MEET: 10:15 a.m. at Staten Island Ferry Terminal. 1 or R to South Ferry/Whitehall Street or the 4/5 to Bowling Green. Bring water, sunscreen, hat, snacks & lunch.

Leaders: Jim Williams 917-480-0392 (text) or email; Pam Cress 917-597-2664 (text)

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