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Intermediate Volunteer Trip - Liberty State Park - 11 miles round trip

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Chris and Naomi M.
Intermediate Volunteer Trip - Liberty State Park - 11 miles round trip


Volunteer Trip - Liberty State Park - 11 miles round trip
Trip leader: Naomi

Our public season has ended. This trip is open to those who have helped us run our program in 2021.

Cold weather gear required

Let’s pay a chilly visit to the Statue of Liberty. Remember, the water is still very cold! We will paddle south with a strong current, perhaps explore the nature preserve at Caven Point from the water, take a break at Liberty State Park, and return at slack. Be prepared to paddle 5 miles home with very little help from the current and likely against wind.

This trip is 5 miles each way, and involves crossing multiple ferry terminals and the harbor. Expect to deal with lots of boat traffic and choppy waves coming from multiple directions in the harbor.

Be ready, this will be a tough paddle!

You will be paddling on the harbor. There will be wake hitting you from different directions. There is no coverage from wind. Current can be strong. This is not an easy trip!


  1. volunteered in 2021
  2. completed sea kayak LV 2 in 2021 or SUP LV3
  3. completed at least one 5+ mile round trip in 2021

Drysuit / 5+mm wetsuit
Change of clothes in a dry bag - something warm to put on when we land
Neoprene booties
Change of clothes
Water in a reusable bottle
A packed lunch - there is no food available for purchase at LSP

*Sit on top - not allowed
*Sea Kayak - Level 2
*OC1/OC2 - Ke Aloha supporting paddlers with a Ke Aloha coach approval
*SUP - only if completed 5+ mile round trip in 2021
*Surfski - not allowed

Ebb at The Battery: 11:42 am, -2.25
Slack - 3:18 pm
Flood at The Battery: 5:30 pm 0.9
Slack - 8:24 pm

Weather prediction as of 3/17:
Cloudy, High 50 F
Winds NNW 10 mph (if this increases at all, trip will shorten to Morris Canal)

Float Plan:

10:30 am: meet at the boathouse, get equipment ready
11:15 am: safety briefing
11:30 am: depart boathouse.

We are heading south to Liberty State Park with almost maximum ebb tide when we set out. We will paddle south on Jersey side for the entire trip.
Total distance 5 1/2 miles. Anticipated paddling speed 2 knots, with 2 knot help from current, for a total speed of 4 knots. Trip should take about 1.5 hours.

1:00 pm: arrive at Liberty State Park

Options at this point:

  • Land immediately at LSP and have a longer break on land.
  • Continue into the inlet and explore Caven Point nature area from the water. Land about 2:00 for a short meal break on land.

We will make the decision based on the group’s energy and the air temperature.

2:45 pm: return to the beach, launch boats
3:00 pm: depart for home

We are heading north, beginning at slack, moving to flood tide. We will paddle north with little help from the current, which will increase slightly as the trip progresses.

Total distance about 5 ½ miles. Anticipated paddling speed 2 knots, with zero current, for a total speed of 2 knots. Trip home should take about 2.5 hours.

5:30 pm: arrive back at boathouse, clean and put away equipment
6:00 pm: trip concludes

COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be outdoor
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse
Frank Sinatra Dr · Hoboken, NJ
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