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“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start from where you are and change the end.” ~C.S. Lewis

If you are still carrying parts of you that were damaged in your developmental years then this may be blocking your ability to bond properly with a potential boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, twin flame or soul mate. This webinar is about learning how to create healthy loving relationships where we can be fully ourselves in every part of our lives.

Do you……….
• endlessly repeat patterns of choosing partners who are unavailable.
• experience extreme anxiety or low confidence in relationships?
• keep choosing addictive styled relationships?
• have a pattern of being over choosey, over critical, over controlling?
• have patterns of self-sabotage in relationships or keep attracting narcissistic partners or even abusive partners (for both men and women)
• Are you a chronic people pleaser in relationships finding it difficult to say no?
• Do you suffer from negative self-talk, a poor self-image and low self-esteem in relationships?

As a Dating Love and Relationship Mentor it amazes me how many attractive, interesting and smart people have given up on ever finding love, or are completely baffled by relationships and even after years of therapy and personal self-development still feeling frustrated about not having a fulfilling relationship

If this is you then it may be that there were incidents in your childhood, teenage years or early adulthood where your needs weren’t met at a developmentally significant age, or which have left you with unprocessed PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) leaving you unable to function in adult intimate relationships.

It’s as if no matter how hard you have tried to heal these patterns you still can’t get to the bottom of them and free yourself from the crippling repeating patters that render you feeling hopeless about ever finding the healthy relationship for which you crave. There is no shame in this. Thousands of people have had this exact problem and thousands of people have healed it.

• Understand how to heal the wounded inner child and sometimes inner “children” you still carry around with you
• Learn what you can do to change the deeply engrained relationship patterns that still bind you
• Find out how to let go of destructive relationship patterns that still plague you
• Learn how to replace shame, resentment and relationship failure with healthy intimate functional relationship behaviour patterns.
• Find insights and the tools we need to keep those destructive patterns from repeating in the present.
• Learn methods that will keep from making the same mistake over-and-over again.

In this workshop-webinar Lorrayn will offer all present an experience of her unique Quantum Courage Visioning Method of Inner Child Healing to help you dissolve these deeply engrained patterns once and for all.

Inner child behaviour patterns clients effect both men and women equally. Examples are:

“I learned from a young age to do whatever he wanted so that he would not shout. I lived to please him. I did the studies he wanted. Was on track to find a groom he would like. Literally everything I did was to please this man.

As I moved into my thirties, I was the world’s biggest people-pleaser after years of perfecting this skill with my dad. I was always seeking outside approval and validation but was full of self-loathing”

“I was desperate for love and affection, yet I looked in all the wrong places, often chasing men who didn’t show me love back. I was always single but would obsess over unavailable men.”

“Everyone around me was getting married and having children, and I was just stuck.”

Disclaimer: All references to individual cases are meant as examples only of what can be possible. Every client is different, and we can’t guarantee results of any kind. These groups are not intended as a replacement for medical or therapeutic professional help should it be necessary. I have extensive training in psychology, coaching and healing however I am not operating here as a counsellor, psychotherapist or professional healer. Rather, I am offering my wisdom and the experience as an ordinary person who seems to have a gift for lifting people up emotionally and spiritually, empowering them to change, and healing people who are open to my help.
Privacy: Please note that in alignment with the latest GDPR compliancy laws in the UK we wish to notify you that by registering for this workshop you are giving Lorrayn de Peyer and her team permission to contact you by email regarding details about this workshop, news and events we put on. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time and your email address will under no circumstances be shared with any third party. We thank you for your consideration and support of our wish to uphold and guard your privacy at all times.

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