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Mens Indoor Pick-up Basketball in Long Island City

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Men's Pick-up basketball in Hunters Point, Long Island City.

The cost is $10 for this session.

Once you RSVP to a specific session, no refunds or credits will be offered. Please be 100% sure that you can attend before committing to that session.

It is a regulation sized court, but we divide it into two games simultaneously with each playing 4x4. We will do our best to break up the teams evenly at the outset, after which it's the luck of the draw based on who's sitting and who shoots in from the losing team. There will be a sign-up list for each court, and players from the losing team must shoot foul shots to play next, not be chosen by those already sitting.

Please have a fun, positive, and supportive attitude. No fighting, rough playing, or screaming allowed. You will immediately be asked to leave the gym.


No food or alcoholic beverages allowed into the school. Save it for after the game.

CAVEAT: on occasion the high school games may run late until 7:30pm, in which case we will not start until then and have a shortened session. Last year this never occurred, but there will be no refunds if it were to this year.

All games must end by 8:45pm

From Grand Central Station it's 3 minutes/1 stop on 7 Train. Take 7 train to Vernon Jackson. Walk straight back towards the River to Center Blvd(in the direction of the city).

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