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Annual Meeting of Members

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Please join us for our virtual Annual Meeting of the Membership, where we will review 2021, discuss team goals for 2022, vote on the new slate of board members, present the new team advisory board, and discuss ideas and questions from the members.

Meeting at 7:00 pm on Zoom (link in description).

The Nominating Committee of the Board has carefully reviewed nominations (thank you!) and proposes the following slate of directors for the next year:

Mostafa Abou-El Fetouh
Jacquii Alexander
Anthony Amato
Jeremy Arthur
Laziza Rakhimova
Jennifer DiMascio-Donohue
Bobby Liu
Terrence McGovern
Stephanie Diacovo
Sarah Tobin
Matthew Wong

Quorum for the Annual Meeting is 5% of the dues-paying membership, or approx. 35 persons, so please attend. This is always a great opportunity to share ideas and see what the team's needs are for the coming year.

The proposed officers are:

President: Jeremy Arthur
Vice President: Stephanie Diacovo
Treasurer: Anthony Amato
Secretary: Sarah Tobin