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March Book Club Meeting, Online

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March Book Club Meeting, Online


Our March book is The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

During a picnic at her family’s farm in the English countryside, sixteen-year-old Laurel Nicolson witnesses a shocking crime, a crime that challenges everything she knows about her adored mother, Dorothy. Now, fifty years later, Laurel and her sisters are meeting at the farm to celebrate Dorothy’s ninetieth birthday. Realizing that this is her last chance to discover the truth about that long-ago day, Laurel searches for answers that can only be found in Dorothy’s past. Clue by clue, she traces a secret history of three strangers from vastly different worlds thrown together in war-torn London—Dorothy, Vivien, and Jimmy—whose lives are forever after entwined. A gripping story of deception and passion, The Secret Keeper will keep you enthralled to the last page.

Meeting Details

This is an online video meeting in which we will be meeting via Google Meet. The link to the online meeting is:

You can also join us by phone at:

If you join by phone, you will be asked to enter a PIN number in order to join the meeting. The PIN number is: PIN: 354 619 200#

Jennifer will host the meeting.

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