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CO-ED Pickup Volleyball game in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (Advanced)

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Midori J.
CO-ED Pickup Volleyball game in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (Advanced)


"RSVP on the Just Play app here:

You can only play if you have signed up and paid in advance on the app. We do this to make sure everyone gets a high quality game by having the right amount of people show up.

We play for 120 minutes with 1 subs for each team/a libero. This is a co-ed game for advanced players. To ensure the safety for all players, please only sign up if you are fully knowledgeable of both 5-1 and 6-2 rotations and have experience playing competitive volleyball at an A level or above—this game is not appropriate for beginners and BB level players are encouraged to sign up for intermediate level sessions. .

Everything will be provided for the game but please arrive early so that we can make the most of it.

If the game is cancelled, you will be fully refunded.

See you on the court!


· Brooklyn, NY
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