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How Do You Handle a “Difficult” Natal Chart?

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How Do You Handle a “Difficult” Natal Chart?


Astrologer Anthony S. Picco will be taking a look through a few “difficult” natal astrology charts from his files. What exactly makes a chart “hard?” How can a “difficult” chart be tamed, turned around, or at least made to flow a little more smoothly? What options does a person have?
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BIO: Anthony S. Picco has logged countless hours of chart reading & client counseling. He is “to-the-point”, relying on basics, yet remains open-minded and curious, researching new ideas and discoveries. He has made numerous appearances on radio shows, done detailed astrology videos on YouTube, and lectured on The Seth Material.

He hosts the weekly internet radio show, Cosmic Tuesdays, every Monday from 8 pm to 9:30 pm Eastern Time, interviewing astrologers, psychics, reiki healers, NDE survivors, and other metaphysical students and practitioners. You can find Cosmic Tuesdays at

And for more than six years, he has been the co-organizer and co-host of the monthly Big Apple Astrology Meetup Group in New York City. (Currently Zoom only, for now.)

If you are curious about his natal chart, Anthony was born on January 14, 1954, at 12:04 pm* on Staten Island. NY. He prefers Tropical Western astrology and usually uses the Alcabitius house system.

* VERY rectified

*** PLEASE NOTE: The meetup starts at 7 pm with a casual half-hour of intros and some audience Q&A about ANY astrology topic. The lecture starts at about 7:30 pm, runs roughly an hour or so, and ends with specific Q&As about the talk. The meetup ends around 9—9:30 pm.
Donations are voluntary and fund our speaker, Meetup/Zoom costs, and support the Quest Book Shop. $5 is suggested but any amount is welcome!


PLEASE register to attend. You will be sent the Zoom Meeting ID. The required password to enter the meeting is: astro

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, you will need to install Zoom software and, ideally, have a camera on your device (phone, laptop, pad, or desktop). You do not have to activate the video if you are camera-shy.
Or you can also call in using a phone line.

The floor will be open to questions. Questions need to be asked through the chat area of the Zoom page. Everyone will be muted upon entry.

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