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AlphaStrike #002: End as it Began (Sunday)

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AlphaStrike #002:  End as it Began (Sunday)


This is the confirmed date for this months game. If you are a new player there is no need to bring any supplies (though you can if you want), I will be packing all the necessary maps, mini's, record sheets, dice, pen, and rule books needed for the meet-up. The table fee at the Strategist is $10. To keep the logistics simple, I will continue to cover the costs for the meetup, however, if you would like to chip in any help appreciated.

There is no need to know how to play, we're all happy to teach a new player the ropes. This is a very loose campaign, designed to let people pop in and out, with each player controlling 1 or 2 units/lances.

This scenario will be the last hurrah of the TWEF. Scenario Details will be provided a week or two before the event. Given the size of the map (8x Mapshets... aka the MegaMat... aka the BFM), this scenario will most like be played with Alphastrike on a Hexmap. However, if there are only a few people we might go classic.

The Brooklyn Strategist
333 Court St · Brooklyn, NY
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