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Welcome DevOps and QA enthusiasts! (in New York and the rest of the United States).

We are an online and in-person tech-enthusiast group hosting love speaking events on a range of tech topics.

All the events are hosted by Mirav Academy (https://www.miravacademy.com) whose mission is to provide quality education across the globe in the field of Agile, DevOps, QA, Test Automation and many more

You can join us in person if possible or on one of our live streams. Look out for our workshops, courses and other networking events.

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Terraform with Azure for absolute beginners

Online event

Terraform is one of the most famous "infrastructure as code" tools and has revolutionized the way infrastructures are built and managed.

Join me in this meetup and learn the basics of Terraform and Infrastructure as code with Microsoft Azure as the cloud

This will be a practical workshop where we will focus maximum on practical aspects of the tool, not just theory.

I promise you this will be full of learning.

Join me in this learning journey from Mirav Academy! (https://miravacademy.com)

Saurabh Dhingra
(Your host)

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Jenkins - Pipeline as a code

Online event

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