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White Supremacy & American History - Livestream Part Two of Two

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White Supremacy & American History - Livestream Part Two of Two


White Supremacy & American History - Livestream Part One of Two

Slave Patrols to Ghost-Skins: law enforcement, colonialism and raced dominance.
An introduction and overview to the "theory of history" that is White Supremacy.
This two part series examines how European settler colonialism provided the 'manifest' destiny that continues into today.

In the United States a slave catcher was a person employed to track down and return escaped slaves to their enslavers. The first slave catchers in the Americas were active in European colonies in the West Indies during the sixteenth century. In colonial Virginia and Carolina, slave catchers (as part of the slave patrol system) were recruited by Southern planters beginning in the eighteenth century to return fugitive slaves; the concept quickly spread to the rest of the Thirteen Colonies.[citation needed] After the establishment of the United States, slave catchers continued to be employed in addition to being active in other countries which had not abolished slavery, such as Brazil. The activities of slave catchers from the American South became at the center of a major controversy in the lead up to the American Civil War; the Fugitive Slave Act required those living in the Northern United States to assist slave catchers. Slave catchers in the United States ceased to be active with the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment.

In white supremacist circles, a ghost skin (short for 'ghost skinhead') is a white supremacist who refrains from openly displaying his racist beliefs for the purpose of blending into wider society and surreptitiously furthering his agenda. The term has been used in particular to refer to the entryism of racist activists in law enforcement.


Presenter: Edward J. Ingebretsen, Ph.D
Ingebretsen holds advance degrees in Theology, Philosophy and Education, and a PH.D from Duke in American Literature and Culture. His courses include Anglo-colonial race theory and practice; animals, justice and culture; Gay culture and theory, and Ethics on the Fly: The daily practice of Moral habit. His publications include At Stake: Monsters and rhetoric of fear in American Culture (2001). And Maps of Heaven, Maps of Hell: Religious Terror as Memory from the Puritans to Stephen King (1995). He has lived in DC since he began teaching at Georgetown University in 1986.

Ed Ingebretsen, Ph.D
Georgetown University
Emeritus Professor,
English, American Studies, Animal Studies


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