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Recording | Trending in Tech: NFTs, Blockchain, & the Metaverse

Dive into the basics of trending topics in tech including blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Recording: Hiking to Reach New Heights

There are Meetup hiking groups across the globe from Houston to Hong Kong that will help you move your body, find new friends, and explore new places. Hear about some high-altitude adventures in this Meetup Live recording.

Recording: Meetup 101: Building Communities

In this all-access live demonstration with Customer Support professionals, you’ll hear about the variety of tools Meetup has to help bring people together.

Recording: A Career Coach’s Guide to Job Hunting

Tune in for a discussion with certified career coach Michelle Perchuk to learn how to take the power back in your job search.

Recording: Group Promotion and Engagement Hacks

Discover the essentials of communicating with your members and increasing their attachment to your group.

Recording: The Relaxing Practice of Drawing

Learn why drawing is a trusted method for stress relief, improved mental health, and activating creativity.

Recording: CEO Update, 20 Years of Meetup

Meetup CEO David Siegel gives the lowdown on the roadmap for 2022—the 20th anniversary of Meetup!

Recording: Unplugging in a Virtual World

Do you long for the slowed pace of pre-internet days? Learn Pamela Paul’s advice for reclaiming a bit of the real world and lessons on fostering connection and community.