Tips from Organizers

Recording: Hiking to Reach New Heights

There are Meetup hiking groups across the globe from Houston to Hong Kong that will help you move your body, find new friends, and explore new places. Hear about some high-altitude adventures in this Meetup Live recording.

Set Your Group Up for Success this Year

Take your group to the next level and check out these tips to grow your group and engage your members.

Recording: Lessons from Community Builders

Watch two Meetup organizers, Max Morrongiello and Doug Meil, for an informative session full of tips on how to run your Meetup group.

5 Essential Tips for Staying Safe Online

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but staying safe online is a year-round activity. These five tips will help you protect yourself and your information.

A Local Feel in a Global Network: International Tips for Building Community

The Elastic Meetup Pro network has more than 80,000 members and a presence in more than 50 countries. Hear from these international Meetup group organizers as they share tips on building community.

Recording: Pick Up Where You Left Off – IRL!

Watch a conversation with two Meetup organizers on how they’re restarting in-person events.

Pride and Community: A Q&A with the Organizer of the London Bisexuals Meetup Group

John G., the organizer of the London Bisexuals Meetup group, discusses LGBTQ+ acceptance, inclusivity, and advice for growing a supportive community.

Episode 12: Diversity, Inclusion, and Community

Andy Saldaña, an organizer of one of the largest Meetup groups in history, shares advice for creating a diverse and inclusive community.