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Hi people of the world !

Thanks all to support us, since many years we do events for internationals and now we are the biggest group in meetup because we are already 33 000 members in this meetup group :)

This group have been create to gather a group of internationals and help each one of us to exchange languages in a friendly atmosphere . Each one that participates brings her/his personal input for the benefit of all others. This is a group for anyone interested in socializing with other International, expat, Au pairs and Erasmus people including french people who love to speak another language with a native speaker ;)

Here you will find International Party in Paris, Pubcrawl, Socializing pub party, Picnic, Concert and more ... and in most cases our events are free without any fee !!!


Internationals from all over the world, expatriates, Au pairs, International students or Erasmus are welcome to join this group. The concept is simple and yet efficient : Meet new people in a socializing Party in Paris. Most have a lot in common, starting with funny experience in Paris and going from there. Join us sometime for a drink, a concert, an expo or a picnic and tell us yours.

We organise a variety of events and activities for internationals weekly and our goal is to make you feel at home, meet others with similar experiences, exchange ideas and just have a lot of fun in a fun and relaxing setting.

The group has gained notoriety among past, present and soon. We have grown exponentially to 33,000+ members and fans in Facebook because we are proud to join different organisation in this group. You can find more informations in others sections

Thanks to increased popularity the group has welcomed many international who share the up-beat, open-minded and positive attitude .


The city can be quite overwhelming at first but "International Expat Au Pairs and Erasmus Meetup in Paris" provides easy-going networking and social opportunities.

Today we are the n°1 group able to organise friendly events from 50 to 600 people in various places, with different styles, and always keeping in mind the friendly spirit, by providing advantages, discounts, exclusivity and other benefits to our community. Come to an event and see for yourself that Paris is after all quite a small town with lots of possibilities and great open minded people.

Looking forward to see you there

Paul Gama

Ps :

One more thing ;)

2014 : The 18 of January

This Meetup story start with the team : 4 members

2014 : February

Partnership with the most famous Erasmus non profit organisation

Erasmus France, info Erasmus my city, info Erasmus Paris

2014 : March

Partnership with Pubsurfing.com, The most famous pubcrawl made in France

2014 : April

100 people in our weekly meeting

2014 : June

Partnership Couchsurfing Paris in facebook

2014 : July

One thousand attendee for the biggest Backpackers night in Paris

You can like our facebook page :)

Independent website coming soon

Each registered members can get some special free pass, so don't forget to register

2014 : August

2 000 followers in meetup and the most important progression in meetup

A better facebook/meetup interconnection for our followers:

New Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/international.students.in.paris/ (https://www.facebook.com/international.meetup.in.paris)

New Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/international.meetup.in.paris/

One thousand attendee for the Backpackers night II in Paris. It was amazing, thank you so much

2014 : September

One thousand attendees for the Biggest International Picnic In Paris

We reached the top 10 meetup groups (ranked by number of members) with 2,700 members

We reached the first place recommendation meetup. Just click Meetup.com and you will see it ;)

2014 : October

and the project is at the beginning !!!

if you want to join the team, fill up this form :


We hope you're going to like our event and we would like some good words here to support us :


2015 : january

our facebook page reach 1000 followers :


our meetup group reach 4000 members

2015 : March

Our name change and become : socializing with internationals in Paris

We reached the top 4 meetup groups used in Paris

2015 : April

Creation of a new facebook page :


2015 : May

our meetup group reach 5000 members

we do the most popular event in meetup in Paris with sometime almost 550 attendees !!

2015 : June

Follow us on twitter, it's now possible :)

Follow us alos on instagram :)

2015 : July

Our meetup group reach 6000 members

We reached the top 3 meetup groups according to members

We are the first community in meetup

Our website have is own home page

2016 : January

Our meetup group reach 10 000 members

We are the most recent (only 2 years) and important (most members) group in meetup for Paris

2016 November

We reached the top 1 meetup group in Paris

We reached 14 000 members

All the story is now in our facebook page

2018 : October

We reached 25 000 members

2020 : January

We are the most important group in Paris and our group is number 1 with 31500 members

Right now, our web site is actually in process and you can find all the latest news, events and pictures there ;)

We'd like to thanks all our partners who will help us to become one of the most important international community in Paris

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Looking forward to seeing everyone in our events :)

Paul De Gama ;)

Upcoming events (4+)

Become organiser to meet more Parisians and internationals living in Paris !

Hi all.

We are the most important meetup group in France. But what is meetup exactly, it's an amazing tool to create your own community, so it's like a fb group but you will be able to pay in order to send notification, email and more to attract your customer, so meetup is free for attendees and a paid feature for organiser but you are free to manage as you want without this famous business guy .... you know Mark zuck...

So be welcome to join the team, meet new people, and exchange language.
We want to help organizer to get amazing meetings with a lot of attendees. So we offer you to join the team and talk about how to organize great events together. There's no fee to join us and your event could be free or not, it will be your choice, we are here only to help you 😉 No money between us please 🤝 only mutual help 👍

🔵 .. our Goal 🔵
- Increase our meetup group power with different activities
- Meet new organizer native French speakers or internationals
- Increase ou meetings and your attendees in a mutual help process.

1️⃣. . Join our whatsapp group to be in touch with us but it's not possible to publish in this group because you need first to meet the team or Paul
it's also a way to be sure 💯 there's no spam in the group ...

2️⃣ . Then 👉 join us in the event of the day 🤪 in order to do a test and welcome attendees, meeting point in the app socializus because as organiser you need to use different app like meetup, facebook, ovs, socializus, and more .... before to be organiser you need to understand it's not easy to bring a mot of customer for an event and you need to promote a lot so we do this too

Paul will be organiser with different event so find your day and ask to talk to Paul. It could be a different hour ( more and less 1 hour) for the meeting but you will find meeting point in the event called
Friday with Paul
★ Erasmus, Expats & Internationals meetings for Socialising★
Saturday with Paul or Laure
★ Meeting Ⓜ️ Saint Michel ★ or BEFORE : Apéro with internationals
Sunday with Ysa :
Crepe du Venézuela - Paris est international
Monday with Shubhi :
APERO BAR - Paris Centre
Wednesday with Paul :
Afterwork with internationals - Ⓜ️ Bastille

3️⃣ Now, you know everything, so start to show us you understand and let a comment to interact with us below the event, it will help us to follow you want to become organizer

Kind regards


Afterwork - Drink & Danse - Ⓜ️ Bastille

20 Rue de Lappe

The concept is very simple:
\*\*\*\* Speak with anyone and in all languages ​​...
We are here for a friendly meeting !!! \*\*\*
To succeed there, we need you to ask to the barmaid a numbered sticker , it's always strange to talk to strangers in a bar but when they have a numbered sticker, it's easier because it's a code meaning : "I'm friendly".
It's also an ice breaker game : Find the same number on someone else and you get a free shot drink to celebrate "we are friendly and internationals in Paris"
To validate your participation in the concept, you just need to get the meeting point on the app socializus.
Enjoy Paris and this famous latin corner all together

===== How to find us =====
Rdv à partir de 19h30, on va rester sur place plusieurs heures pour socialiser
🔴 🔴 - ADRESSE - 🔴 🔴
The J'Club, 20 Rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris Metro Bastille

🔹🔹 -REMINDER WHATSAPP -🔹🔹 https://chat.whatsapp.com/FMLZgSTwUDq4q2lMnSM94l
ℹ️ - le groupe est utilisée uniquement le jour de l'activité pour faire un rappel
Les photos souvenirs ici : https://www.facebook.com/groups/socializus
Whatsapp newsletter here

See you soon

Apéro bar exchange languages


🍾 Between 20 and 30 international attendees 🍷 We meet to promote cultural exchanges or practice a foreign language. 🥂

The number of participants is limited to preserve user-friendliness. The address is therefore given only for participants who have taken a membership card valid for one year. The membership card allows you to have a linguistic badge to request at the bar on arrival.

Card fee is 5€ and available here : http://bit.ly/apero-linguistique

Apero afterwork - Metro Blanche


Afterwork with drinks or foods, you just need to choice
We will do a great meeting in a bar in order to meet new people
First part : book online it's free but we ask a mandatory drink to respect our partner so you need to book here : [www.paris.socializus.com](www.paris.socializus.com) because this event is a socializus app event
Hope to see you soon

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Apero or Tapas - Free Friendly meeting


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